Greenland’s glaciers are an important contribution to regional sea rise -level


Frequently an important contribution to regional maritime glaciers in Greenland levels It also showed that the contribution of sea level rise from glaciers in Greenland ice separates accounts for about 10% of the estimated contribution of glaciers and ice all over the world, and to support the higher than expected. Read more
Dog Frequently Gabrielle Giffords « kills baby sea lion at Laguna Beach One of the adult step-daughter Giffords “a friend was walking his dog at 13:42, when the dog got away and knocked down, said Sgt. Eric Lee in Laguna Beach Police Department. This is when the dog attacked a sea lion at the beach Goff said. Read more

Frequently Starvation threatens marine lions in Southern California , California, the young sea lions risk of dying of starvation is not clear why. “I’m going to rescue this time,” said Peter Wallerstein while talking on your cell phone in his car. “” I’ve already lived through two sea lions. ” Wallerstein can be … Read more
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Beaches between designated critical habitat areas for sea Turtles

Frequently beaches in the area include areas designated as critical habitat for marine turtles , nesting sea turtles are a common sight along the Bogue Banks and Topsail Island each year, and the beaches are some of the concerns identified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as an important recovery vulnerable populations in the Northwest Atlantic … Read more

Frequently mysterious Elver from the Sargasso Sea sushi before But it is the peculiar life cycle of a “sea serpent” starting with millions each spring arriving on the Atlantic coast of West Greenland to South America. For centuries, scientists have left the Eels over the world … Read more
Frequently Prom 2013: Davidson students will enjoy the “under the sea Evening View / comment. Mobile, Alabama – Davidson High School juniors and seniors danced the night away on Friday, “under the sea” theme prom bash 2013th Dressed in tuxes and long gowns, the students enjoy the music, dance and light show … Read more

sickly sea lion pup will come to treat the North Marin

Frequently sick Sea lion pups come north of Marin treat January to the shore California Sea Lion pups are high in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. Sea lion stranding has intensified in the last week, ranging from about 900, nearly three times the … Read more

Frequently Nature | New Global warming extends Antarctic Sea Ice Heating ocean may be important to the growth of sea ice in Antarctica, say researchers in the journal Nature today Geoscience1. While the North Pole sea ice has decreased significantly over the past three years decades2 scientists have struggled to explain why … Read more Monsters” Trailer takes Greek myths Bermuda Triangle .. . the Son of the Greek god Poseidon. they have joined other teens with a mythological background, trying to save the world by recovering magic piece which is somewhere in the Golden Fleece “Sea of ​​Monsters”, more commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle. Read more Sea increased threefold since 2011, Figure 1: The mean sea level (cm) from 1993-from satellite altitude observations. annual and semi-annual signals have been removed to reveal the long-term trend . Glacial isostatic steering wheel adjustment (GIA) 0.3 mm per year, add … Read more

Sea Increases the output of the Dragon in Egypt

Frequently Sea Increases the output of the Dragon in Egypt Sea Dragon Energy Inc. announced the following operational update on recent activities of labor in Egypt. Net production company in Egypt an average of 1,526 barrels of oil per day (bopd) during January 2013 and has now reached 1,840 barrels of … Read more Sea lion attack Laguna Beach Police Captain Jason Kravetz confirmed Monday that the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration investigate the incident 23rd March Goff at Island Beach a bulldog escaped from its owner and mauled and killed a sea lion. Read more

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Frequently, local organizations are trying to help the sick Sea lions Pacific Marine Mammal Center , a sea lion, almost all infants are malnourished and dehydrated shore. PMMC was 127 animal care Tuesday, Daily Pilot reported. PMMC officer called the number of sea lions coming ashore, “unprecedented.” Read more … Daily Pilot
Frequently Arctic Sea 2,013 New Photos Ice mega-quarry The Arctic sea ice extent has decreased significantly since 1979, reaching a record low in September 2012. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center for up to 2013, February sea ice extent has decreased at a rate of 2.9% per decade, compared to … Read more (blog)

Frequently Sea colorful runners during the “Color Me Rad ’5 K in Greensboro, NC – Greensboro sea colors on Saturday when more than 8,000 Runners participate in the “Color Me Rad ’5K run. struggle began and ended at the Coliseum Boulevard near traffic Meadowview, painting everything yellow … Read more

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Campaigners against the branding Frequently Sea lions Columbia River The 12th April 2007 file photo, a sea lion catch salmon in Columbia River, just below the spillway at Bonneville Dam, Wash., Sea Shepherd, known to harass whaling ships joined the opposition to kill the sea lions are eating too much salmon … Read more The Seattle Times (blog)

Frequently Britain privatized air Sea rescue, restructuring of Prince William The famous British air-sea search and rescue helicopter service run by the Royal Air Force, and to boast Prince William among the pilots, the privatized and sold to an American company, ending 70 years of military service to participate in the United … Read more
Frequently Set Switch to less than 50 years of gay rights rose WASHINGTON – The fight for the rights of African-Americans, as symbolized by the bloody Selma March 1965, is as old as the nation. Striving for the rights of American women began in Seneca Falls, NY, for more than 150 years ago. Read more